The Pain of Perfection: I’m Tired Of People-Pleasing, And You Should Be Too

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It’s one of the more exasperating interview answers. You ask someone to name a workplace weakness and she says, “Well, shucks, I’m a bit of perfectionist” (cue eye roll). These days, we see identifying as a “perfectionist” as a way to fake self-criticism while secretly patting yourself on the back. Because, after all, employers should see [...]

Welcome to Yellow Parachute

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Dear Parents, Educators, and Yellow Parachute Families, As we ease into autumn and refresh our routines, I want to extend a warm welcome to the new school year, and a new stage in Yellow Parachute’s evolution. We’ve spent the last eighteen (Eighteen?!? Joyfully, yes!) years curating a team of extraordinary learning coaches—educators whose passion fuels [...]

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