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Extra programs we do, just because!

We believe students deserve a holistic learning experience that sets them up for long term success.


For middle school students

Let’s face it; kids these days are busy! On average, your student spends 35 hours per week in school, plus more hours doing homework. Add in extracurricular activities and sports and there are more hours to manage than a full time job. As a student becomes increasingly busy, he or she can become overwhelmed, disorganized and, in some cases, depressed and anxious. This course will teach kids the importance of finding simple ways to recharge and take care of their growing minds and bodies while learning effective organizational and time management strategies. We will get them organized and prepared, so they will be successful in school and develop good habits for life.

Time management
Organization skills
Test taking skills
Personal care to recharge


Helping you to navigate through your options

Minnesota is one if the greatest states for educational choice.  The Twin Cities alone offers thousands of private school, charter school and public school options, to say nothing of homeschooling and online programs, from which busy parents can and must choose.  Given the breadth of choices it is good to have a trusted partner to help you navigate through and find what is best for your student.


Youth mentorship program

Enthusiasm inspires learning, and some of the most enthusiastic teachers can be our high-school aged crowd. Elementary and middle school children look up to their older peers and seek their approval, creating a wonderful opportunity for both mentor and student growth. We look for enthusiastic young adults age 15+ willing to volunteer their time tutoring elementary students through District 112’s Targeted Services school-year program.

A mentor relationship can spark a lifelong adventure in learning! Make that difference in a child’s life and learning.

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