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We take all test scores seriously.
So should you.


Students report that Yellow Parachute’s Test Prep curriculum helps prepare them beyond the ACT; they have become better overall test takers and strategic thinkers.
When the ACT process is finished, the biggest compliment we can get is a student saying, “What else can we do together? Do you tutor in math, too?”

The ACT is administered in Minnesota during the school year in Sept, Oct, Dec, Feb, April and June.  You pick two dates: one for your first try, and again to try to beat your score.

Students coming into ACT prep who have been diagnosed with dyslexia are especially nervous about the reading section on the test.  Time after time, however, we see reading become one of their strongest sections after spending time with an experienced Yellow Parachute ACT Test Prep Coach.


The SAT is administered during the school year in Nov, Dec, Jan, March, May and June.  You pick two dates that work best for your schedule.  In most cases, the later in the school year the better, because you’ve had at least six months of Junior year English and math; however, if you’re a spring athlete, don’t plan on taking two high-anxiety 4-hour tests right during the height of your sports season!

What to Expect

If your student has not had prior tutoring or taken an ACT test-prep class, you can reasonably expect a student starting below a 20 to increase 4 points, a student in the 20-26 range to increase 3 points, and a student 27+ to increase 1-2 points after tutoring.

For an SAT student, we regularly see a 50-60-point improvement in the English section and a 50-70-point increase in math after tutoring. For a student already scoring 650+, we shoot for a 30-point increase in both sections.

“We have seen results.  Learning does not happen in a linear fashion, so it is often difficult to judge progress along the way.  But in each case, we have seem clear growth in our children…both in what they have learned and how they are learning it.”

Parent, Edina, MN

“Your company’s services are above and beyond, especially when it comes to finding high-quality assistance quickly.”

Parent, White Bear Lake, MN

“We LOVE Yellow Parachute! My son told us it’s the BEST teacher he’s EVER had! Hands down TOP NOTCH!!!”


“Yellow Parachute has exceeded my expectations for tutoring. Our goal was not only to bring grades up, but to learn how to study, prepare, and advocate, for a lifetime!”

Parent, Orono, MN

“I took the practice ACT and got a significantly lower score than expected, we thought we would seek out help. I never would have expected to go from a 22 to a 30 after tutoring, but it happened.”


“Yellow Parachute has helped me organize, study, and prepare for upcoming tests. I have also learned to be my own best advocate!”

10th Grade Student, Orono, MN

Real Yellow Parachute Student Results…


STUDENT:  Highly motivated, high achiever, test anxiety


English: 33 to 35
Math: 26 to 30
Reading: 30 to 33
Science: 28 to 28


STUDENT: Solid student, general academic aptitude, strong athlete, schedule highly booked with sports


English: 24 to 30
Math: 18 to 24
Reading: 24 to 31
Science: 21 to 26


STUDENT: Highly motivated, high achiever, over-scheduled, ADHD


English: 27 to 34
Math: 25 to 27
Reading: 32 to 34
Science: 25 to 28


STUDENT: Hard working student, conscientious, lacks confidence, works slowly, gets rattled during testing


English: 20 to 28
Math: 21 to 23
Reading: 23 to 28
Science: 23 to 28

ACT/SAT Test Prep Pricing

Private Tutoring*

$105 - $135per one-hour session
  • $210-$270 per two-hour session
  • *All expenses included. No additional charges or fees, unless you request multiple prep manuals or additional practice tests – $35 for us to purchase them, or we’ll tell you exactly where to buy them.

Two Student Rate

$75per one-hour session
  • $150 per two-hour session

Small-Group Rate*

$60per one-hour session
  • $120 per two-hour session
  •  *Maximum of three students


How does it work to have both Yellow Parachute and Alberts Tutoring provide test prep? 2017-01-11T16:09:26+00:00

Brenda Alberts completes the initial phone consultation, then hand-picks the best private tutor. Brenda will put you in touch with the tutor and you schedule directly with your teacher. If the chemistry isn’t right between the two, we make a switch right away. You pay the tutor directly each week as you go. No complicated contracts or retainers. If you’re not happy, you simply discontinue services. We keep it as easy as possible for everyone involved.

How familiar are you with difference between local school curriculum? 2017-02-01T18:25:37+00:00

Very. We know all about Edina’s focus on AP courses, Wayzata’s emphasis on Integrated Math and Minnetonka’s dual-track of IB and AP coursework, not to mention the terrific high-potential groups at Orono and Hopkins. Alberts SAT/ACT Tutoring has worked with students from an impressive list of schools since 2004.

Are your tutors trained to teach the same strategies? 2017-02-01T18:27:05+00:00

Yes, to teaching the same strategies, no to using a cookie-cutter approach for all students. To ensure consistency, all tutors train directly under Brenda Alberts and Cara Thorpe, all boast strong credentials, and all adhere to the same rigorous set of standards. Each individual is required to undergo twenty plus hours of SAT/ACT preparation, in addition to bringing teaching or business experience to the table. The tutors communicate regularly with Brenda and Cara, attend annual continuing-education classes, and report and analyze results with Brenda following each test administration date. It goes without saying your child’s standardized test scores are confidential and not shared with anyone. (We leave that to the parents and the students themselves!)

Although we begin with a tried-and-true syllabus for our clients, we end up customizing the plan to fit the students’ needs. Approximately 20% of our students want equal time devoted to each subject and 80% request more focus on a particular area than others. It’s far different – meaning much better – than prep classes that are forced to spend precisely 25% on each ACT subject regardless of the student’s abilities or aptitude.

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